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Baho Coffee

Baho Coffee, based in Rwanda, stands out for its commitment to traceability and community empowerment. By connecting directly with individual coffee producers, Baho ensures sustainable relationships and motivates growers. The Remera Hill group exemplifies this approach, with farmers’ lots separated to recognize their hard work. Emmanuel, the driving force behind Baho, transformed the Humure Washing Station, increasing production capacity. Baho Coffee’s vision extends beyond profit, emphasizing innovation, community development, and quality. Their journey reflects passion, dedication, and a shared love for coffee, from Rwandan hills to global cups.

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Daterra Farms, nestled in the city of Patrocínio, Brazil, is renowned for its exceptional coffee. With a climate perfect for coffee cultivation and a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, Daterra has been a pioneer in sustainable farming. Their coffee, particularly the Villa variety, is known for its unique sensory profile, featuring notes of caramel, dulce de leche, citric, and hazelnuts. Daterra’s commitment to quality and sustainability has earned them recognition as the first Rainforest Alliance Farm in Brazil and the first climate-friendly farm verified by the Sustainable Agriculture Network.

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El Vergel

In 1995, the Bayter family began their agricultural venture with an avocado farm in Fresno, Tolima, which thrived until a disease in 2006 led to plummeting prices. Pivoting to coffee between 2009 and 2010, they experimented with various coffee varieties and processing techniques, earning a “Rainforest” certification by 2015. A partnership in 2016 with coffee expert Miguel Jimenez introduced exotic coffee varieties, and by 2018, El Vergel farm was innovating with modern fermentation processes. Today, the farm is renowned for its extensive varietal range and pioneering the kOJI fermentation process, setting new standards in coffee production.

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