El Vergel - Colombia

El Vergel - Colombia

Exploring Colombian Farms: A Journey of Fruit, Coffee, and Adventure

Our journey began with a tour of several farms nestled in the heart of Colombia. The lush greenery of the landscape enveloped us, and we were fortunate enough to stay on one of these farms, surrounded by the breathtaking Colombian mountains.

The guest house, perched amidst fruit-laden trees, was a delightful surprise. Santiago, our host, welcomed us with open arms. The sheer variety of fruit growing on the property left us in awe. These weren’t your ordinary grocery store finds; they were exotic treasures. Imagine biting into a cantaloupe that resembled a giant green squash! And then there was the mangosteen—a revelation. Its sweet, juicy flesh quickly became our favorite snack. We even polished off a bag of them at the airport, right before passing through security on our way home!

But the real magic unfolded on the coffee farm. Santiago took us on an immersive tour, revealing the entire process—from seed to cup. The producers worked tirelessly, battling the relentless grass that sprouted between the coffee trees. This grass grew at an astonishing rate—8 to 12 inches a week! Their dedication was awe-inspiring.

Climbing the mountains of the farm provided breathtaking views. We marveled at the different coffee varieties being grown: Bourbons, Geishas, Margohypie, Caturra, and many more. And then came the coffee cherries—some incredibly sweet, others with a more vegetal taste. Eating a coffee cherry straight from the tree fulfilled a lifelong dream.

Did you know it takes 2 to 4 years for coffee trees to mature and yield beans for sale? The producers constantly nurtured new seedlings, replacing old trees and planning years ahead. Fields were carefully allocated for specific varieties, ensuring a steady supply of aromatic coffee.

And then there was the food. Oh, the food! Freshly sourced from the farm, it was a feast for the senses. We savored cheese, sipped hot chocolate, and discovered the joy of arepas—a Colombian specialty. But it wasn’t just about sustenance; it was about connecting with the land and its bounty.

When we weren’t immersed in farm life, we explored Bogota. Our guide, Roberto, led us through the bustling city. Despite the pouring rain, he took us up the cable car, revealing panoramic views. But the highlight? A rustic restaurant with an open kitchen. Flames danced as wood fueled the fire. The heat warmed our faces, and the aroma of sizzling meats filled the air. Lost in translation, I accidentally ordered soup instead of grilled meat—but it didn’t matter. The flavors were extraordinary.

Bogota, with its vibrant energy, is a must-visit for adventurers. As we plan our return, we eagerly anticipate exploring more farms, uncovering hidden gems, and creating memories that will linger long after we’ve left this enchanting country.

Stay tuned for our next adventure!

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