• Region Aramo District
  • Variety Indigenous Landraces
  • Producer Smallholder Farmers around the Aramo Washing Station
  • Process Washed
  • Notes Stone Fruit, Black Tea, Citrus

Ethiopia’s Aramo district in the Gedeo Zone is a region of the country known for its dense and fierce coffee farming competition. A pillar within the world of Arabica coffee, the region produces beans with a distinct flavour profile. This particular bean comes from a private washing station named after the district itself and managed by Dirshaye Ferenju, who works with 750-800 farmers in the area, each farming sections of the land to produce not just coffee, but also crops for their own families and other produce for local markets.


Dirshaye’s washed coffees are fermented underwater for 36-48 hours, and then dried in the sun on raised beds over the course of 12-15 days. The drying stage requires careful attention to cover the beans during the hottest part of the day, thereby ensuring the coffee parchment does not crack in the heat which is only magnified by the region’s high altitude.

Our final roast combines with this diligent processing method to create bright tasting notes of Stone Fruit, Black Tea, Citrus, and an overall lively cup of coffee.

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