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Holguin Family - Colombia

Holguin Family - Colombia

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Region: Colombia
Process: Natural Anerobic
Variety: Castillo
Notes: Pomegranate, Cherry, Winey

The Fellows’ Farms Program, an Inmaculada Coffee Farms initiative, aims to improve farmers’ quality of life by enhancing their agronomical and picking practices. This is achieved by combining it with Inmaculada’s expertise and improving their price point, enabling them to meet specialty coffee standards. The program also aims to showcase the producers to international markets with full traceability, ensuring their hard work and effort are recognized. This collaborative approach allows them to deliver excellent coffees from various neighboring producers.

They are currently collaborating with a group of farmers in the municipalities of Tambo, Piendamó, and Caldono in the Cauca department. Together, they account for around 60 hectares of Colombian common varieties planted in an agroforestry concept with trees and shrubs, providing protection for their crops against adverse weather conditions.


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Inmaculada Coffee Farms

Inmaculada Coffee Farms offers a unique coffee experience with their specialty blends and exotic varieties, all cultivated in the Andes mountains of Colombia. Their commitment to ethical and responsible farming is evident in their Fellows' Program, which supports local coffee growers in Cauca. The farm's natural sanctuary allows for a harmonious production with nature, resulting in elegant and soft flavors that have gained worldwide recognition. They practice meticulous cultivation processes, including hand-sorting and natural fermentation, to ensure the highest quality. Inmaculada's dedication to freshness and quality control has led them to store and mill their coffee in-house, maintaining the integrity of their product from the farm to the cup.

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