Fasendas Dutra - Brazil

Fazendas Dutra, a family-run farm in Matas de Minas, Brazil, has been sustainably growing coffee since 1950. Started by José Dutra Sobrinho on a single hectare, the farm has expanded through reinvestment of profits and now produces specialty and organic coffees. The coffee cultivation harmonizes with nature, taking place among rocks, woods, and waterfalls using artisanal processes. The farm is powered by a Photovoltaic Solar Plant, generating 276,000KWh of clean energy annually, reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Fazendas Dutra operates on a Direct Trade model, ensuring transparency and support for sustainable and ethical practices.

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Fazendas Dutra is a family-run farm that has been growing sustainable coffee since 1950. The farm was started by José Dutra Sobrinho with just one hectare of land, and it has expanded over the years through reinvestment of profits. Today, the Dutra family is known for producing specialty and organic coffees that are synonymous with quality and differentiation

The farm is located in the beautiful region of Matas de Minas, in São João do Manhuaçu, which is 300km inland from the east coast of Brazil. The coffee production takes place through entirely artisanal processes that make a substantial difference in the final result of the product. The cultivation of coffee is in conjunction with nature, with the plantations planted among rocks, woods, and waterfalls

Fazendas Dutra is also committed to sustainability. They have a Photovoltaic Solar Plant that generates 276,000KWh of electrical energy per year, enough to power the farm every day This clean energy production means less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

In terms of trade, Fazendas Dutra operates on a Direct Trade model, building lasting relationships that create maximum mutual benefit. This model allows for full transparency between buyers and sellers, ensuring support for sustainable and ethical practices