Epilogue: Colombian Decaf

Epilogue: Colombian Decaf

El Vergel Estate: A Revolution in Coffee Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Tolima, Colombia, lies a coffee paradise known as El Vergel Estate. This isn’t just any coffee farm; it’s a beacon of innovation and community spirit, led by the visionary Bayter family–Elias, Shady, and their partner Martha Montenegro.

From Avocados to Coffee: The Birth of a Legacy

It all began in 1995 when the Bayter family took a leap of faith into agriculture with avocados. But in 2006, when the market faltered, they pivoted to coffee, introducing varieties like catimore, red, and yellow caturra. Their adaptability sparked the creation of a coffee empire that thrives to this day.

Specialty Coffee and Koji Fermentation: The Game Changers

Fast forward to 2016, under the mentorship of coffee expert Miguel Jimenez, El Vergel Estate planted specialty coffee varieties. But the real breakthrough came in 2018 with the introduction of natural coffee processes and the pioneering Koji fermentation technique. This innovative method has revolutionized the green coffee scene, setting El Vergel apart as a leader in the industry.

A Community-Centric Approach

At El Vergel, coffee is more than a product; it’s a catalyst for community development. The estate’s mission is to merge technological advancements with a passion for coffee, creating a ripple effect of joy throughout the region.

The Process: Crafting the Perfect Cup

El Vergel’s coffee-making process is an art form. It begins with a special fermentation process to unlock distinctive flavors. The caffeine level is meticulously reduced to 0.1% using circular containers filled with water and ethyl acetate, resulting in a coffee that’s not only smooth and flavorful but also accessible to those sensitive to caffeine.

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