Owning and operating 2 coffee shops wasn’t, enough. Neither was owning and operating a coffee subscription business and a pizza shop. To complete the set of business, Jonathon and Brandy had dreams of starting a coffee roasting business. Enter Anecdote.

During the years 2020 – 2022 the realization, and building of the coffee roastery commenced. As you know any construction project never really goes the way you want it, or on the timeline you want it go. Our production roaster when ordered, was a year out, originally quoted at being 10 months out. The common issues of HVAC in a roastery also came upon us.

Then on Jan 5th we took delivery of our main production roaster, the Loring s15 Falcon. It’s a beauty of a machine. I (Jayce, the roaster) am super exited to get roasting on this machine. As of writing this, we are waiting for our HVAC, electrical and gas utilities to be all installed. We are all early anticipating the launch of this amazing little venture.

Anecdote is made up of a few different people, Jonathon and Brandy as the owners, Sarah as office admin, Kale as helping hand, and Jayce as the roaster. Our goal is to share the stories of the people who are all involved in the coffee journey. When we are able too, we are going to travel to the producer farms, and document the coffee process, but mainly focus on the real people who make coffee happen, the farmers. They are the ones who have dedicated their lives to growing coffee, whether it was through inheriting the farm through family, or an opportunity for them to provide for their families. We want to make sure that you know who they are and what their stories are.

Before we are able to travel, we will give you the best information that we can on each and ever coffee we bring in. Our hopes is that through out the years we can give you more and more information. Be sure to follow us and join us with this journey.

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