True Crime is our dark roasted coffee, we took care in creating a dark roast that you will find familiar, and enjoy what this coffee is capable of. The coffees we use for this coffee will always be traceable, and you can always find the producers name on our bags, and on our website. This bag contains coffees from Brazil and Honduras, and are really tasty together in this blend. Our impression of this coffee is a molasses sweetness, with a smoky and roasty aftertaste. Our hope is this coffee will bring on memories of comfort and joy. 

Origin: Honduras & Brazil
Producer:the Mantiqueira De Minas region in brazil & Jesus Edgardo Sanchez from Honduras
Process: 50/50 blend of natural and washed
Variety:Red Acaia, Aatuai, Ihcafe 90, Lempira

Brazil Mantiqueira de Minas Natural Red Acaia 16+ is sourced from a familyowned farms in the Mantiqueira de Minas region within the state Minas Gerais,Brazil. The Mantiqueira de Minas region has a protected designation of origin(PDO) because of regions renowned coffee reputation and optimal growing conditions.

“I realized I was giving away my work, and that in reality I wasn’t doing things well. I started to process the coffee and focus on volume, not quality, but then I realized this wasn’t the way to be, that I had to work for quality.” 

Brewing Guidelines

1:16 Ratio
95-98C Degree Water
11.5 on EK43 (this is a great starting point)
Extraction Yield: 20-21%
TDS Target: 1.40%
20g Coffee
320g Water @ 95C Filtered Water
~3:00 min brew time
Trouble Shooting TipsToo slow and doesn’t taste great?
– try a courser grind
Too fast and doesn’t taste good?
– try a finer grind

Roasting Information

Green Coffee

699 g/ml

699 g/ml
Roasted Coffee
Roastrite Inside
Roastrite Outside