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Gesha Spirits - Colombia

Gesha Spirits - Colombia

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Region: San Adolfo
Process: Semi-Washed Anaerobic
Variety: Gesha
Notes: Jasmine, Tangerine, Honeysuckle, Floral

This gesha is a delicious result of Wilder's careful experimenting, and with notes of jasmine, tangerine, floral and honey suckle, it creates a juicy, sweet refreshing cup of coffee. Undergoing anaerobic fermentation for 140 hours, the bean is then dried in the sun for 18 days. To enhance the bean's citrus notes, Wilder adds mandarin peel during the drying process, and then the bean rests for 25 days before the final milling. 

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Where Your Coffee Was Grown

San Adolfo

Farm El Diviso - Colombia

In the mountains of San Adolfo, coffee maverick Wilder Lazo’s passion and family legacy converged. His specialty coffee journey began with a varietal program that now boasts over a dozen distinctive coffee varieties. The crown jewel? Gesha Spirits. Its washing process is an art, with double fermentation and sun exposure infused with mandarin peel. The result? A symphony of jasmine, tangerine, and honeysuckle notes. Wilder’s mastery and dedication echo through each sip. Gesha Spirits isn’t just coffee; it’s a legacy—a masterpiece.

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