Fairytale is for those people who love the bright fruity coffees, as well as the more delicate floral, tea like coffees.

Origin: Colombia
Producer:Variety of Farms in the Narino Region
Process: Fully washed
Altitude:1600 masl
Notes: Plum, Black Currant, Stone Fruit

The process for this project consists of a short fermentation of 24 hours in mucilage on each of the producers involved and then washing the coffee to be taken to a drying patio where all the coffee is dried together and also homogenized to have a more consistent profile. Afterward, the coffee is stabilized for 15 to 25 days before being milled 

Brewing Guidelines

1:16 Ratio
95-98C Degree Water
11.5 on EK43 (this is a great starting point)
Extraction Yield: 20-21%
TDS Target: 1.40%
20g Coffee
320g Water @ 95C Filtered Water
~3:00 min brew time
Trouble Shooting TipsToo slow and doesn’t taste great?
– try a courser grind
Too fast and doesn’t taste good?
– try a finer grind