We are raising money for the humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine. Loads of Love have been in Ukraine delivering groceries to the frontlines, they have been there evacuating people out of place, and procuring mattress for shelters.

Ryan Salomans has a flight booked to join up with “Loads of Love” team to help them with all the work they are doing in Ukraine.

“Loads of Love” rolled out their grocery blessing program a couple of years ago and they have quickly come to realize that this is one of the most helpful ways to bless Ukrainian families in need. Now, during Russia’s war on Ukraine, this has become our biggest program, with delivering over 30,000 sets of groceries.

Along with their grocery program, they have purchased 8 vehicles to help with relocating people to safer locations.

” May 29 – June 11th I will be heading to Ukraine. I’ll be heading there with Ed Dickson, Stephen Hertzog and a friend of Ed’s from Texas. Ed has already dubbed us the Fab Four I’m not sure that will stick but we do know our purpose.Since the start of the war i have been helping Ed as best I can as Loads of Love has delivered over 30,000 sets of groceries, evacuated over 5,000 from bomb shelters, sent over 50 tones of humanitarian aide and more…
Why go?We are going to encourage some real heroes of this war. People who have risked everything to serve their country. We will spend time delivering groceries, visiting shelters and encouraging Ukrainians among other things. What part can you play?
1) Pray.
2) Follow us on our journey. I will be posting daily updates of our experiences. They will be posted to my page as well as the Loads of Love Page.
3) I realize many of you gave to Ashley just a short time ago but if you have the capacity in you to give more to support my trip that would be greatly appreciated. Please message me for the details.
Thank-you in advance!
Слава Україна

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The Coffee : Legend

This bag contains a coffee produced from Jesus Sanchez in Honduras, He has been producing coffee on his own since 2008, although his parents have always been involved in coffee. In the beginning all his coffee was sold to independent processors, but one day, in his own words

“I realized I was giving away my work, and that in reality I wasn’t doing things well. I started to process the coffee and focus on volume, not quality, but then I realized this wasn’t the way to be, that I had to work for quality.” – Jesus Edgardo Sanchez