Producers: The Mantiqueira De Minas region in brazil & Jesus Edgardo Sanchez from Honduras

Process: 50/50 blend of natural and washed coffees

Variety: Red Acaia, Catuai, Ihcafe 90, Lempira

Notes: milk chocolate, dried fruit, sweet

Adventure Level: 3/6

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  • 2lb Bag
  • 340g Bag
  • 5lb Bag
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Folklore is for the people who enjoy variety but also savour classic notes. There’s a wide and fascinating world of coffee to discover and you’re ready to explore. Still, there’s something to be said for the comfort of a familiar taste.

This bag contains coffees from the famous Mantiqueira region in Brazil, and also from Jesus’ farm in Honduras. Both coffees are tasty, and when they come together they create a great cup. 

Weight 370 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 7 cm